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Divine Order Of Priorities [AUDIO]


This is the eighth message in our series on “The Kingdom“.

God commands us in Eph 5:10, 17 to find out what pleases the Lord and to understand what his will is. One thing we see when we look in the scriptures for what pleases the Lord is that God uses words like first, second, greatest, greater, and especially, indicating that he has an order of priority that he places on things.

“What you say “YES” to determines what you say “NO” to. and what you say “NO” to often indicates what you are saying “YES” to.”

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Submission To The King [AUDIO]


This is the seventh message in our series on “The Kingdom“.

“You never know for sure whether you’re submitted until you’re asked to do something you don’t want to do.”

“A submitted heart doesn’t need to hear what is required from God before it submits.”

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Prayer And The Kingdom [AUDIO]


This is the sixth message in our series on “The Kingdom“.

One of the main means by which we bridge the gap between heaven and earth is prayer. Perhaps a bigger gap remains though: the gap between prayer and prayerlessness.

Why don’t we pray? I explore this and more in this week’s message.

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Treasuring The Kingdom [AUDIO]


This is the fifth message in our series on “The Kingdom“. I explore the biblical plausibility of Jesus returning soon and the impact that thought has on whether we truly treasure the kingdom.

“You won’t seek what you don’t treasure.”

“You won’t seek first what you don’t treasure the most.”

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Repentance And The Kingdom [AUDIO]

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This is the fourth message in our series on “The Kingdom“. I talk about repentance and the difference between godly sorrow and worldly sorrow.

“Repentance is a change of government; from “King me” to King Jesus.”

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Saved By Shiny New Gadgets

iPhone Savior

We live in a broken, fallen world. It’s all around us and within us. Deep down, everyone desires to be saved from the effects of it and our own contribution to those effects.

We don’t like the pain, sadness, shame, heartache, boredom, disappointment, loneliness, and loss we feel, so we look for a way out, something to save us.

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The Priority Of The Kingdom [AUDIO]

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This is the third message in our series on “The Kingdom“.

I talk about how the Kingdom needs to be sought first, precisely because the king says it does.

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We Decided To Be Comfortable


A long time ago, God sent his son to our world.

The creator became the created.

God became a human.

He traded the comfort of his world for the inconvenience of ours.

He came down. He moved in. He put on our flesh.

Then he subjected himself to rejection and a brutal murder so that we could have a way to be saved, rescued, adopted, restored, healed, and washed clean.

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The King Of The Kingdom [AUDIO]

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This is the second message in our series on “The Kingdom“.

I take a look at what it means for God to be King.

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How The Church Advances The Kingdom [AUDIO]

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I started a new series on “The Kingdom“. This is the first message in that series.

After spending time in my hometown with longtime friends and family, I thought a lot about what is required to advance God’s Kingdom in a significant cohesive way as a church. I found three things that I believe are indispensable for the task.

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